Carpet and Rug Cleaning in Camberley and All Surrounding Areas
Professional Carpet Cleaning Company

At Prystine, our commercial and domestic cleaners specialise in carpet and rug cleaning. Our carpet cleaning company also provides commercial cleaning services to enhance properties in Camberley and the surrounding areas. From moth treatments and resolving bleached carpets to sun damage carpet correction and end-of-tenancy carpet cleaning, we have a solution for every situation. We also offer stain removals and upholstery cleaning services. 

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Residential and Commercial Cleaning 

We provide free inspections and advice as well as free, no-obligation quotes, and we can offer estimates over the phone. Our WoolSafe-trained staff restore colours and vibrancy to old, tired rugs and remove harmful dust mites and bacteria from carpets. We return carpets and rugs to top condition so your property is aesthetically pleasing and healthy.  

At Prystine, we use specialist products to clean the edges and fringes of rugs and carpets. All our materials are eco-friendly, and our products are child and pet-friendly.

The popular services we provide include:

  • Resolving Bleached Carpets

  • Resolving Bleached Rugs

  • Moth Treatments

  • Sun Damage Carpet Correction

  • Colour Fade Restoration

  • Dust Mite Treatments

  • De-Infestation Treatment

  • End-of-Tenancy Carpet Cleaning

  • Deodorising (for households with pets)

  • Rug Slippage Issue Correction

Our team uses a fast-drying wet clean carpet and rug cleaning system, the Rolls Royce of carpet cleaning equipment. We also offer an expert cleaning and restoration service for damaged rugs. 

Reasons to Choose Professional Commercial and Domestic Cleaners


No matter the size of your home, it can take considerable time to clean the carpets correctly. With busy days, work and personal lives, cleaning the rugs and carpets is probably the last thing you want to do or even have the energy for. It's much easier to hire dedicated cleaners who complete the job efficiently, effectively and leave you with time to spend as you like.

Ease and Simplicity

Our experts have all the required equipment and products to clean your carpets and rugs. We even move all furniture so the entire area is accessible and put it back when finished. With our dedicated cleaners, you will save time, stress, money and hours of manual labour cleaning your property in or around Camberley.

Health Conditions

One of the main reasons to hire our cleaners is the health benefits gained through professionally cleaned carpets. We hit all the spots an amateur couldn’t or wouldn’t know how to find. Vacuuming alone only removes one layer of dirt, our team uses expert equipment and methods to deep clean carpets to eliminate health hazards.

Additional benefits of using our professional carpet cleaning company include:

  • Eliminating Stains and Maintaining Appearance

  • Removing Bad Smells

  • Increase The Aesthetics of Your Property

  • Improve Your Home/Office Life Comfort

  • Extend the Life of Your Carpet

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